Recruiting and Nurturing Talent and the High-Expertise Women

Lately, there has been a vocal conversation about women’s’ workplace issues, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, equality in compensation, work-life balance and advancement in the leadership structure.  Large law firm practice is still difficult for women, especially when they are raising families, as the traditional financial and leadership models make it difficult women lawyersfor women to advance.   It is also clear that women in the large law firm environment do not necessarily speak as one “voice”.  Issues of work/life balance, family care issues, pay and skill sets can vary by a woman leader’s experience.  Therefore, there is an argument to be made that more experienced women are needed in leadership roles, as partners, managers, recruiters, of-counsel and expert staff counsel.

A women in a high-status role at a firm, armed with experience and expertise can be a benefit for lawyers of other generations, as she can serve as a role model, a mentor and a teacher in her practice area.  High-status, experienced women experts in their field can provide a new way to lead through positive reinforcement, incentives and innovative approaches to attract talent to and to manage and nurture that talent.


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