As a mentor and Bar leader, I am often asked by young attorneys; “How do I grow a successful practice as a young lawyer or partnering with another lawyer at my expertise level?” If you are currently with a firm, you should learn as much as possible on a daily basis. If you have a new transaction or case, be sure to master the law and process of the project so in the next similar transaction or case, you will be on the road to being the “expert”. It is also important when you do set up that “new practice” that you identify attorneys with levels of expertise in various areas of practice, to engage as co-counsel in your client matters. For example, as an expert in commercial real estate and mixed collateral loans and transactions, I serve as co-counsel to estate planning and small real estate firms that do not have depth in this practice area. These engagements can be structured with fixed fee and/or deferred fee packages to give the client the best experience. Ethical legal practice requires that an attorney have relevant expertise to handle a client matter. For more information, please visit us at

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